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03 March 2011 @ 02:50 am
Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 1  

Hi girls and guys,


You guys managed to guilt trip me into semi proof reading this (which I’ve placed aside for way too long)…it’s still a little meh…but it will suffice for now. I actually finished translating this in November but it was unpolished…and frankly after translating the (manhua) which coincides with the events in chapter three. I was sick of translating it twice.  I’m a PhD student research based so I don’t have that much time to spare now that I am back into full-time study. I’m also part of the teaching faculty (to 1st and 2nd year noobs) and I tutor privately during weekends (needs to pay for all those costly yaoi tanks) will do my best to give you guys a piece of love when I can squeeze it out. Such is a meaningful life of a poor student. I have to save up for a scanner and new computer. What I love about being in the  Uni environment is the free stuff! I like doing my annual stationary shopping during the club and society recruiting sessions (cackles evilly). Never make the mistake of eating food cooked by students...that look unkempt...I suffered...

Yes, I am aware this should have been posted out MONTHS ago...but I have my reasons <3

P.S. I might actually have a lovely LJ who volunteer to proof FYJT in the future though it goes against my whole “Just do it and whack it on the internet” demeanour.  



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Cao Cao曹操 – (155-220 A.D) was a military strategist, politician and poet whose adventures have been much popularised in a series of novels “Romance of Three Kingdoms”. He was marvelled for being a master of both literature and the sword.  Records of him detailed a crafty war tactician who also excelled in the arts. He was known to treat his allies as family and was merciless with his enemies. Interestingly Cao Cao is often depicted as a brutal tyrant; however, he was praised for his brilliance as a ruler. Due to such unscrupulous depictions Cao Cao in modern times, can be used as the Chinese equivalent of the English saying “Speak of the Devil”…(and he arrives).


(Cao) In FYJT, Feng Ming addresses Rong Tian as “Cao Cao”, which confuses the man as it sounded like Feng Ming was calling him grass twice.

I AM AWARE OF TYPOS AND JIBBERISH...the online version is usually the best one because i re-read and fix up. The download documents are usually unchanged...lol i notice my horrendous jibberish notes in part 2 (which i have fixed and not in the doc)



As the excruciating pain of being strangled subsided, numbness quickly inched in.


Around him the intense atmosphere gradually calmed down.


Feng Ming’s eyes flickered wide open, blood surging through his brain.


Death’s voice had welcomed the young man when he had once again dangled too close to the end of his life’s thread.


It was at that very moment Rong Wang decided to release his vice-like grip around his delicate throat.


The pair of large cruel hands slowly retracted from the slender neck.


Expressionless, the tyrant watched Feng Ming’s mass sink into the depths of the water. Almost immediately, the young man’s survival instincts triggered. His weak hands sought desperately to grasp onto the edge of the pool to stabilize his body.


Droplets of water poured from Feng Ming’s face which was painted with confusion.


In past this type of meaningless cruelty had often been inflicted upon the Prince, even to the point where the body would submit and cry for mercy.


Even so, it was a barbaric to method to employ such a shameful technique on another just to demonstrate one’s own dominance.


Dark sharp eyes quietly observed the blank-faced Feng Ming, as he met with those familiar pair of eyes, Rong Tian had a discovery. As if a precious jewel that had gone unnoticed was unearthed, sending his own heart to race.


What is happening?

The usual prince carried himself as stupid, introverted and a largely disgraceful excuse for a Prince whom no one acknowledged. Why does he emit such a strange aura now? What happened to the regular groveling submissions and begs for mercy?


 This new situation was appealing to Rong Tian’s amusement. He decided to shelf his cold approach for the moment and instead deciding to close the distance between him and Feng Ming. He lifted the chin of the younger man, allowing him to clearly study the boy’s face.


There was no doubt about the Prince’s familiar face that his own peered down onto. Sadly, looking at the Prince could only rally the thoughts of how pathetically worthless he was aside from the astounding beauty he possessed. A beauty that could be admired but served no purpose one could akin the Prince to the delicate and elaborate art that decorate pillows.


Upon the naked body was evidence of his marks, welts and lash traces of a few days old. The image of the cowardly Prince cowering pitifully freshly played into Rong Tian’s mind.


However useless the person was, he had a magnificent body. Rong Wang grabbed Feng Ming by his slim wrists, fraying the limbs out so he could savor the view. Although Rong Tian had a healthy share of countless women, none could withstand or endured the punishment he inflicted only on the Prince, the boy’s body provided an entirely different category of satisfaction.


Oppressing the Prince, was the same as controlling the wide plains of Xi Rei, anything that can be taken from his hold could just be as easily retrieved by his power.


This Incompetent Prince…


There is a degree in how unsettling it was to how one could not deny the alluring attraction of Feng Ming’s body.


Perhaps if he wasn’t the obedient crowned Prince dominated in his own palace, and rather a male prostitute in the city of Xi Rei, wouldn’t he have better opportunity to demonstrate his value?



Rong Wang’s had whole heartedly committed himself to eternally despise the man in front of him, however once he had his first taste of the Prince’s sweet intoxicating body, Rong Wang was captivated; a prisoner to his own desires.



He lifted Feng Ming who was still in a state of stupor, setting him upon the cool surface of the marbled surface beside the pool.


“Did your little drowning episode scare you?” Rong Wang knelt on one knee, partially hovering over the other, coolly continuing his survey of the unguarded body from head to toe.


“Don’t you play coy with me, I won’t be giving you special treatment,” he threatened rather smugly before pinching Feng Ming’s cheek.


Feng Ming started to become more alert as his consciousness was returning thanks to the icy chill seeping through his bare back rather than the unsolicited pinch.

At the very moment Rong Wang had released his tight hold, his fragile body began to slip into the water. Perhaps his body caved from the strenuous time travelling after-effects, causing Feng Ming to temporarily lose control of his newly acquired body.


During that mental slip an overpowering emptiness returned in his mind, momentarily stripping him of his senses of the world around him, as if he was thrusts back into another time and space portal.

Fortunately, after a short disconnection with reality, he recovered from that darkness but his mind consequentially remained in a haze.  


The spiteful words that spouted from Rong Wang failed to register to Feng Ming who barely absorbed a word. Poor Feng Ming wasn’t even aware what sequence of events there on after had lead to him lying upon the bath’s stone cold floor.



His bare body was taken from the warmth of the waters, directly onto the cool surface of the room, it wasn’t the ideal comfort, as he gradually seeped out of his stupor, Feng Ming moaned softly.  With effort, weary eyes fluttered open and focused themselves.


"What are you doing?" Finally he was clear on their current circumstance, Feng Ming could not command his body and he could barely muster his voice to speak.


Rong Wang’s hands, continued explore the naked body, caressing the muscles to help them loosen, however there was an overtone as if he had ownership over this possession and it was solely his. If it was not for the tell-tale glint in Rong Wang’s fierce eyes, Feng Ming could have been easily tricked into believing Rong Wang was offering kindness to massage his aching muscles.


Feng Ming raised his hands in attempt to control the unwanted fingers exploring his body which were wreaking havoc by each second.




"Oh?." Rong Wang smirked, easily brushing away Feng Ming’s obstructing hands and pinned them both back behind the younger man’s head.


Leaning and closing their proximity, Rong Wang gently bit Feng Ming’s lips.


"Does His Royal Highness, wants to demonstrate his strength today?”


Suddenly his expression changed, instantly surfacing the inner dark intentions.


“Are you planning to mess with me again? Do you want a beating?”


Despite his detained wrists felt as if they were going to snap under his captors hold, Feng Ming eyes flashed wide open and glared at the Regent King defiantly.


"You dare to treat the Prince this way?"

"Isn’t this just t always the case? Why are you only feeling like this is unjust treatment today?" Rong Wang laughed cocking his eyebrow.


"You ... ...." Feng Ming eyes averted from his, infuriated as he held down his anger.


Wasn’t the situation clear?


Although he had the chance of being “Reborn” made a Prince, stunningly attractive and no shorter than five feet in stature.


He entered a Palace which had a messed up hierarchy. Where to be only bullied by Tong Yi and the devil of a Regent King himself, who had the real power, to the point where the real Prince is degraded to the level as a meager delicacy for the Regent King to consume.


From his previous inspecting of his newly acquired body, the lashes and marks, Rong Wang’s behavior, it was blinding truth that this delicacy wasn’t eaten only once.


The adventured packed prospects of travelling to a new place had originally made his rebirth and enjoyable, being able to experience time travel and all, but now he was just a play thing where another man could vent his desires on.


No, no, this is ridiculous!

"Idiot! Let me go!" Feng Ming’s face ushered in a colorful range of expression, realising the real crisis at hand in front of him, he shuddered and gulped as Rong Wang’s face blocked his own.

"You dare to scold me?" Rong Wang raised an eyebrow amused; he opened his mouth towards the Prince’s own, taking him by surprise as he ruthlessly caught the younger man’s red lips biting down with his teeth.   

"Nnh ... .." Those full lips felt the sting Feng Ming was completely unguarded and he gently sobbed out under the hold. Faint smell of blood registered in his senses and the taste eventually reached his throat, all the result of Rong Wang biting him until blood flowed.


It could not be for real that he was going to taken by a man!


Feng Ming gathered all his might to evade the vicious teeth biting onto him, he barely slurred his disgust


“Let go…I don’t want this… damn it….”


The pain never ceased from the origin of his lips, the doings of this barbaric Rong Wang who was disinterested with deepening his rough kiss, instead, he was more interested by the pleasures of exploiting Feng Ming’s flushed lips.


Soon, the taste of blood became stronger, as its metallic essence overwhelmed his senses.


Feng Ming realised it was futile as he struggled beneath of the older man. He tossed his head from side to side attempting to throw the King off his swollen lips, as well as attempting to voice his protests.


Wasn’t there a saying an eye for an eye?

With this wonderful proverb in mind, Feng Ming stopped his escape and in its place he sank his own teeth onto Rong Wang’s lip in return. He abruptly widened his own mouth before issuing the element of surprise to his bully by biting down as hard as he could. 


Let’s see who is fiercer now?

He continued to force his white teeth reassuring his attacker there was no love involved, and determined to leave his own stamp by spending all his energy just to clamp down.


The sudden act had genuinely startled Rong Wang, he wanted to move away but was already snared. The wound where his lips were bitten sent sparks of pain message. This “Prince” meant business!  

Highly skilled and trained in Martial arts since his childhood Rong Tian had immediately acted on a transient response, the Regent King’s hand snapped back, and without any hesitation knocked the back of Feng Ming’s neck firmly.  

"Ah!" The sharp pain of the assault on his neck jolted the younger man who loosened his hold on the man’s lips as his own went for a surprised one. 


Rong Wang rose up from his position in a split second, his immediate leave relieved the pressure on Feng Ming’s body and hands and the Prince had his mobility freedom restored.

The flow of events of their confrontation was acted out in a few short seconds. Feng Ming didn’t even have the luxury of prompting himself up from the harsh floor before Rong Wang pounced on him, slamming Feng Ming’s body down with his sheer strength.


A pair of intense eyes alit anger burnt holes into Feng Ming.


Rong Wang gritted his teeth


"How dare you bite me?" The lips that had previously only offered cold and smug words were now a blood extravaganza.

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