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02 October 2011 @ 04:46 am
[Novel] Feng Yu Jiu Tian Chapter 22 & 23 [END vol. 1]  
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Feng Yu Jiu Tian
Volume 1 [End]
Chapter 22 and Chapter 23
I am so happy to have shared this volume with you guys, thank you for reading.  I’ve met some wonderful people along the way. It’s been delightful. Hope this make a good weekend for you all!

**edit: now I'm delirious I forgot it was daylight saving in Australia, hence I've lost one hour...2hrs of rest my brain *implodes*
It would be over Feng Ming’s dead body before he would admit that it was Rong Tian’s onslaught of kisses that was the cause of his fainting. Conveniently, he blamed the Regent King and the dose of mysterious herbal medicine fed to him before he had properly recovered.  

From the moment he woke up, he treated the King with aversion, his eyes sharp as the tip of a blade as he bore holes into the man with his stare.

“You still haven’t explained everything to me!” He claimed sourly, taking the position of the victim in this charade.  He displayed his displeasure, purposely distancing himself out of reach from Rong Tian on the bed pallet they shared.

King Rong stretched forth his long arm, and immediately drew him back into his hold. His breath gently tickled Feng Ming’s ear, “Wasn’t I explaining the situation to you yesterday?”

“Yesterday?” All Feng Ming could recall was their kissing session, just the imagery made him feel humiliation. He gritted his teeth.

“Alright, let me repeat it more slowly this time around.” The King offered. 

Sensing Feng Ming’s fumes growing, Rong Tian was smart to pacify him before he exploded. The King quickly submitted himself and thoroughly retold the Prince from start to finish of the developments up to this point.

Rong Tian possessed eloquence one of his strongest traits which gave him a tongue that was smoother than any silk. Naturally listening to him was enjoyable.

He explained to the disgruntled Prince that he had managed to be one step ahead of An Xun, and before his uncle had entered the palace grounds he made haste to approach the Queen and fabricate an intricate plan. Importantly, was their move to lure An Xun into the’ out of sight’ corridor, and eventually everything had proceeded as planned. Rong Tian updated Feng Mingon the events after he had collapsed.

Feng Ming was baffled, listening intently to Rong Tian’s thrilling words, and he thought inwardly: That’s why we had to rush back to the Palace the other day, you left to organise so many things.
When he heard that An Xun not only intended to force the Prince to drink the ‘poison’, his uncle wasn’t leaving anything to chance. The love-sick man wanted confirmation of death by defiling Feng Ming’s body with a dagger to the heart.

“Aiyah!” Upon hearing how close he had been to a real death he shivered.

Rong Tian looked on pitifully, “Don’t worry, how could I permit him to hurt you, it is because of this turn in events I was forced to make an early appearance. It is also the reason why An Xun’s end came so violently.  Alas, our plan fell through on the last hurdle.”

Feng Ming issued a cold snort.

“Don’t you pretend your innocence in this mess, just because you’ve rushed to rescue me the fact you’ve used me to your advantage is not erased. Hurry up and spit it out, why didn’t you include me in your scheme beforehand? You nearly had me scared to death!”

“By then, I had time constraints, An Xun had already entered the palace grounds, when could I’ve drawn you aside to explain everything? Moreover, An Xun is a cunning man. Under the heavens there is only one person that can lie to his face and succeed, and that is the Queen. If you had the truth in your possession, it would be inevitable that you’d give the game away.”

“Hmph! That’s nonsense!” Feng Ming was dissatisfied with the idea that he wasn’t ‘competent’ enough. Instead of drawing out his displeasure, he recalled the spies that An Xun had dispersed throughout Xi Rei thus changed the topic.

“Now that you’ve slayed An Xun, isn’t Xi Rei in a mess? Fan Jia’s Third Princess had just lost her husband so it is no doubt they will be seeking revenge. Along with the countless spies left in this country, it’s already a headache.”

Remembering the words of the general s that made an audience the day before, he quickly declared, “And I certainly don’t have any ‘grand scheme’ that is meant to solve all our problems.”

“I don’t know what kind of lies you’ve sprinkled onto General Tong! Saying that once I am rested that I with deal with matters appropriately? Don’t shift the responsibility onto me!”

Rong Wang silently gazed at Feng Ming’s tensed face, his lips turned slightly upwards before he softly whispered,

“What are you afraid of, that I would bring you harm? I’ve got a great strategy under my sleeves, if you kiss me once, I might just tell you.”

His voice was like liquid silver, smooth and gorgeous and tempting. As he articulated every word slowly into the Prince’s ear, there was a certain charm about the way he was baiting the boy.

Feng Ming’s heart suddenly pounded against his chest to the pace of a herd of cattle being mustered. His face reddened, the heat burning his ears, he bowed his head and did not reconcile, “Why should I kiss you? This is your Country, your throne, and your own stirring pot of trouble…nnnhhhh…nhhhhhhhhh…”

Halted midway in his speech, Rong Tian had covered the perfect red lips, mashing his own onto them and nipping at them until they were swollen.

Their breath became more rapid and desperate in between the contact.

The distinct scent of eaglewood incense filled the Prince’s quarters, smoky trials floated in the still air creating a hazy atmosphere.

Under the silk covers, Rong Tian had Feng Ming pinned, the Prince’s hands pushed above his head and kept firmly in place by one of Rong Tian’s hands. The man’s other hand went exploring over the curves of the boy’s body. The King had rested himself between Feng Ming’s widespread legs. Prolonging the torment, Rong Tian refused to touch Feng Ming’s most delicate part directly. Instead he employed his own body to tease him by causing a stimulating friction with the gyration of his flesh against the boy’s. His free hand moved south to caress the soft thighs that seemed to relax and melt against his touch.

The King’s mouth was dosed in the taste of Feng Ming. With little effort, he had subdued any protest from the smaller boy who was moaning softly beneath him. By now the Prince’s body was a senseless mass that had given up the fight long ago, allowing himself to be raptured by this man.

The only part of Feng Ming’s senses that had resisted the King’s power to be turned to mush, was his pair of large vivid black eyes which remained wide open glaring at the man. His expression held a hint of resistance which was buried under the overwhelming yearning they held for the face above.

Rong Tian’s attacks strengthened, the energy they shared was reaching an indescribable plateau of ecstasy, entering such a crucial moment the King was mindful to ensure Feng Ming was on the same level of pleasure. His tongue, sought every inch of skin to seduce.

Gradually, the feisty eyes let down their guard, the King had him hook line and sinker, Feng Ming felt like he was being swallowed by quicksand.

As their love began to advance to the next stage, an invasive voice heralded an arrival from outside the Prince’s room.

“Your Majesty, the medicine is ready. Master Xia ordered it to be drunk whilst hot.” The soft voice belonged to Chiu Xing.

Feng Ming was startled and flustered.

He frantically buckled under Rong Tian, attempting to throw him off with all his might. His jaw locked down as he turned his head, unfortunately he had forgotten that Rong Tian’s tongue had been excavating inside leading him to give the King a nasty bite.  

The King’s face distorted from pleasure to pain, his eyebrows knitting into a frown and he shot a quick dissatisfied look at Feng Ming before relinquishing his hold.    

Chiu Xing already opened the doors, entering whilst carefully holding a platter with a bowl of steaming black liquid in the middle. She made her way towards her master, her eyes glued on her cargo making sure she didn’t spill any of the precious medicine.

“This was just brewed, Your Majesty please drink it immediately.” She looked up and her eyes set upon an extremely flushed Feng Ming who was sharing his covers with Rong Wang.

This type of situation was a common sight in the ranks of nobles, and relationships were respected. Certainly, the palace servants were well accustomed to male-male relationships given the history between the two men. 

There was no reaction of surprise or shame from the Regent King, who sat coolly resting himself on the back of the bed’s headboard. Rong Tian outreached to bring Feng Ming into his arms so he could administer the Prince’s medicine.  However, Feng Ming was thick skinned and refused such treatment in front of his servant and struggled out of his hold, still beat red with embarrassment.   

Chiu Xing kept a poker face, smiling and handed the bowl to the Regent King, “Your Humble servant will now take leave, I shall not disturb your Highnesses.” Without another peep, she slipped away making herself scarce.

As soon as Chiu Xing was out of sight, Feng Ming released a heavy sigh of relief.

Rong Wang chuckled. Holding onto the bowl steadily with one hand, his other shot across the bed to retrieve his lover into his embrace. Once he had Feng Ming trapped, he coaxed the Prince into drinking the bitter fluid, mouthful by mouthful.

After Feng Ming downed the final gulp, he finally revealed his cards. “Given An Xun has been killed, we shall claim that he was murdered by an assassin when he arrived to visit his ill brother. The imperial guards were too late onto the scene, hence this disaster resulted. Conveniently, we shall claim during this incident Xi Rei’s own King was murdered alongside. This being the case, the fact that we’ve lost the most important person in this country will mean that we are also the ‘victims’ of this unsolicited attack. Giving substantial evidence that An Xun’s death is highly unlikely caused by Xi Rei.”

“However, General Chu and several others are loyal to Xi Rei, in the case we will need their assistance in the future it is important to keep them as allies. We shall not conceal the truth from them. It is wiser to tell them that we were the ones that killed him.”

“Still how would they believe that I managed to take him down? Was this meant to be part of my awesome plan?”

The King looked at Feng Ming.

“Oh, my little Prince! ”

 He leant in to steal a kiss.

“Haven’t I been weaving a good image for you? That His Royal Highness is brilliant, intelligent, possesses god-like fighting skills, wise beyond his years and has great foresight for the Country’s future? I’ve made sure you’ve left this mighty impression on the officials. This is the only way you can harness and gain the loyal support of your subjects. ”

Feng Ming gave him a snivel.

“You still haven’t given me your plan to resolve how we shall deal with Fan Jia’s Royal family as well as those spies. It’s obvious that they won’t fall so easily for your reasoning of assassins! Also, why do I need you to build this great ‘image’ for me in front of the court? The one ascending the throne is the cunning Rong Wang, and that’s you! “

Feng Ming poked his finger at the King’s chest.

“The one who has been eyeing the throne to Xi Rei has always been An Xun.  An Xun’s wife is the Third Princess of Fan Jia. Although she is the daughter Fan Jia’s King dotes on, it is possible that he shall not immediately declare war over the death of an in-law. We must make it a priority to appease the Third Princess and Fan Jia’s King. Naturally, a little trouble along the way is unavoidable.”

“Then…about the spies…”

“The spies in question…” Rong Wang gave him a cryptic wink and he turned to the bedside and retrieved a scroll, unfurling it with a whisk of his hand.

“This is the list of all the spies working for An Xun, a majority of them are present here within the city, so long as the Crowned Prince gives the command, they will all be arrested. Without a doubt, we will need to gather countless guards to watch over each well in the city. The water shall be tested by guards who would drink it every two hours, just for protection.”

The list presented before Feng Ming was painstakingly pieced together after An Xun’s death, Rong Tian invested many of his sleepless nights in a huge effort to gather intelligence. Hence, being able to present Feng Ming a completed list, he was very complacent of his handiwork.

Of course, Feng Ming was oblivious to the sweat and blood required to make the list as he lazily grabbed the flippant paper from the King and had a look at it himself.

“If you knew there was a list earlier, and you’ve indicated it would be a breeze to take care of the matters with Fan Jia, then why didn’t you just kill An Xun? Was there really a need for one scheme after another? Wouldn’t it been easier to take him out with one clean sweep? Especially, when you ended up dragging me into this and having me take in such a bad tasting poison!”

Feng Ming’s complaints had Rong Wang on a boil. The King stared in disbelief at the naïve boy who was ignorant of all his efforts. He wanted to give the Prince a thorough punishment, by ruthlessly kissing him until he passed out.

“Is it necessary to test the waters by drinking it? Can’t we just use a few fishes to make sure the water is potable? As long as they are alive, they can be used as the judging meter. It’s better than risking a human life.”

Rong Wang was suddenly surprised, taken back by such a simple suggestion which was a better solution. It was impossible to see by the naked eye whether water was poisoned and Feng Ming just proved his worth. The King was delighted he immediately tightened his arms around the Prince and planted a kiss on him, before laughing.

 “You are clever! The Crowned Prince is indeed a genius by coming up with such a wonderful technique. You are very smart indeed, and it looks like you won’t need my assistance to establish a great image for yourself to the rest of the people.”

Feng Ming was still confused, “Why should I build such image? You’ve still haven’t told me.”

“That’s because we’ve already formally announced the death of Xi Rei’s King. As An Xun is dead, there is no one that can oppose the Crowned Prince of his rightful place on the throne. At present the Crown Prince shall represent Xi Rei.”

“Next March, you shall ascend the throne, so that means I can enjoy these months at leisure before the time has come.”  Feng Ming smiled.

“That’s not possible.” Rong Tian cut off bluntly.

“Why?” Shot the Prince fully alert.

“That’s because…in order to prevent any troops being deployed from Fan Jia to attack our borders, as well as to demonstrate our innocence on the part of An Xun’s death, Xi Rei has already issued an official statement to Fan Jia that stated, the Crowned Prince would personally visit Fan Jia, and bring back the Third Princess and let the widow live out her natural life in our Country as compensation.” 

You…WHAT!?” he screamed.

One would think that Feng Ming’s eyes could not stretch any wider and he almost jumped up from the news.

“Are you insane? Fan Jia hates Xi Rei to the bone, and you’ve actually told them I was going in there so they can have me killed! Hey, let me make this clear to you. I do not want your stinky throne, and nor will I occupy your position as the Prince, you can take everything back I don’t want you to put me into a death-trap!” he shrieked cursing at Rong Tian.

Rong Wang’s eyebrows creased before he replied, “You think I wish this upon you? Xi Rei has suffered through a severe drought this year. There is a food shortage and we’ve got troubles at hand with our own citizen. The bandits attacking our borders haven’t helped the situation as we are nearly at war with the Country of Tong. If Fan Jia becomes our enemy, even Xi Rei’s army would not be able to handle it at this rate. Fan Jia’s King has prepared his troops, several Generals are leading armies. Fortunately, they have not broken into our borders as yet. We are working on borrowed time. It appears the King of Fan Jia is hesitating to attack us, none the less his army is advancing slowly. We must utilize this opportunity to settle matters with Fan Jia. Xi Rei’s is not in a good position, the court is in disarray, I cannot leave. I ask you only this once, for you to substitute for me as the ‘Crowned Prince’.”

Rong Tian’s voice had grown more serious and it was unfitting.

Feng Ming shook his head.

Rong Tian turned to his old measures, in a threatening voice he warned, “If Xi Rei comes under fire, you as Xi Rei’s Crowned Prince will certainly be killed.”

“It’s better than obediently putting my head on the chopping board.” Feng Ming muttered with his head down, “You clearly want me as the scapegoat.”

Seeing Feng Ming with such a terrible but rather comical aggrieve look, even the Regent King’s anger washed away.

Finding it funny, he caught him and brought the boy to his side.

In a gentler voice, he scolded him, “You don’t trust me? Of course I won’t be sending you into a pack of wolves, when you travel to Fan Jia I have a fool proof plan to have you return to Xi Rei safely in one piece.” 

“An Xun’s dead, unless you can miraculously make another one.”

“Silly, An Xun is dead. Not everyone in Fan Jia will hate you. In fact you’ve done several people a good service. Fan Jia’s King does not have any sons as heirs, only three daughters. You’ve rid the family of one person to which they may have to fight the throne with. Thus, at least the Third Princess’s two sisters would love you for your deed. They will be the first to run and thank and protect you.” He finished with a note of sarcasm.

Again, with fighting and competing for the Throne! On an interesting note,  Feng Ming was surprised that even in this ancient time, a Queen as the monarch of the country was not prohibited. That was really interesting idea.

Then Feng Ming was taken by that thought and quickly voiced his concerns, “Since there’s only Three Princesses leading to the Throne, they each have the right to inherit the throne, why would the Third Princess be willing to come to Xi Rei?”

“You can’t come to a conclusion on this part.” The Regent King grinned, he place Feng Ming on his lap, keeping his arms wrapped possessively around his slender waist before explaining to him, “The Third Princess’s husband in now deceased, she had no children thus she has no chance in getting the throne. If she stays in Fan Jia, she would be a sitting target for anyone that wants to ensure her chance remains at zero. If she was smart, she will return to Xi Rei with you.”

“But, An Xun…” Feng Ming started.

“Don’t be afraid. I will let you meet a person.” Rong Tian interrupted him, and he called out into the air, beckoning someone to come.

“Rong Hu, come in.”

The grand doors of the bedchambers softly creaked opened and a person entered soundlessly and knelt at their feet.

“As you’ve wished Master.” The voice was young the invited guest it was a man that was possibly in his late teens.

Feng Ming studied the stranger curiously.

Rong Wang nodded and ordered, “Rong Hu, lift up your face.”

“Eh!” Feng Ming responded, when the face came into view.

Rong Hu had fair skin, large eyes that were set in an extremely handsome face, from what Feng Ming gathered by sight alone, he estimated the man to be around seventeen. The expression the boy carried was very calm and mature.

Sharing the same surname is Rong Tian, Feng Ming couldn’t dismiss whether they were actual brothers as Rong Tian also had the same air or maturity around him.

Correcting his suspicions, Feng Ming reminded himself that it was impossible for Rong Tian to be an actual ‘Rong’, he was the King’s child that was fostered.

As Feng Ming’s imagination ran wild, Rong Wang finally gave the answer away, “Feng Ming, Rong Hu grew up together with me, however, he has always concealed himself and acts as my shadowing bodyguard. Rong Hu, this is your new owner. Xi Rei’s Prince, An He. His real name is Feng Ming, let me make this clear to you. His real name must remain a secret that only you and I will know, it must not be leaked to any outsiders.”

Feng Ming thought inwardly, ‘that’s not right, I know that fact too!”

“Greetings Your Royal Highness.” Rong Hu promptly said whilst giving Feng Ming an unwavering deep look with his sharp eyes. The intensity of his gaze somewhat startled Feng Ming, it was as if Rong Hu was engraining every feature of Feng Ming into his own mind.

The boy then bowed his head, “Rong Hu will ensure his Royal Highness is unscathed.”

Rong Tian nodded his head.

“Very well, you may go.”

Rong Hu stepped back, giving the pair a salute and quietly retreated.

“From now on, he will protect you from the shadows.”

Feng Ming gave the King a strange look, “You honestly don’t think I’d believe that two stupid princesses from Fan Jia and one good guard would ensure my safety, right?”

Rong Tian chuckled, nodding.

“I’m not going.” The Prince objected.

“You have to go.”

“Nope, I’m not going!”

Rong Wang closed his eyes, and thought for a moment before asking, “What would it take for you to agree to go?”
Without reservation, Feng Ming ordered, “You come along with me!”

“If I could leave Xi Rei, why would I send you in the first place?” Rong Wang smiled.

Feng Ming was distressed he was backing into a dead end.

Rong Wang silently watched his lover for a while, and then let out a loud sigh. He moved Feng Ming from his lap, stood up and stroll to the window and remained there gazing out into the distance.

Not sure what to make of Rong Tian’s strange behaviour, Feng Ming could only think of what Rong Tian would do to force him to submit.

To his surprise, Rong Tian lifted his silence, “Well, if it’s going to be like this. Then you don’t need to go.”

“Really?” Feng Ming looked wide eyed happy, his mood lifting up immediately with those words.

Rong Wang didn’t say a word.
---- ----- ---- ---

Conversely, since the day Feng Ming managed to weasel out of leaving Xi Rei the Regent King did not make an appearance in the Prince’s Halls. It was now already the third day in a row.

Not being able to see Rong Tian for three days was starting to take its toll on Feng Ming who was finding the cold treatment very tough to combat.

The Prince’s hall had a spell placed upon it. His days were spent in an awful silence. The blankets he slept in where excruciatingly cold and everywhere he looked none of the servant girls were his normal familiars. Feng Ming’s eyes monitored the main entrance like a hawk, his ears at attention, listening out for the sound of familiar footsteps.

Unconsciously, by not being able to come into contact with Rong Tian it had ultimately brought him to the stage where he was starting to be sleepless during the long nights.

The countless flow of servants and messengers he had sent to find the Regent King was fruitless. All returned, reporting that the King was busy and could not sacrifice any time to see him.

When Feng Ming tried to take matters into his hands to search for the man, he would be blocked off by guards. He had never expected Rong Wang to be so heartless, and that he meant it when he didn’t want to see Feng Ming.

Poor Feng Ming could only be left with his thoughts.

Although I am afraid of death, if you beg me a little wouldn’t I easily give into you?

Even though you agreed to let me stay, you are embittered by my choice, why must you hide it?

All the Prince could do was resign to his chambers for the past three days, being bored to death in the Palace was just as bad as senselessly running to Fan Jia.

I’ve already died once, I guess it shouldn’t be scary the second time around?

On the end of the third day he held vigil for Rong Tian, Feng Ming couldn’t stand it any longer and called out Rong Hu from the shadows. 

Rong Hu appeared as requested.

“What is my Master’s orders?”

“You go and tell that bastard Rong Tian, that I will go!” Feng Ming bit his lip, “I’ll go! Tell him he has to come and see me!”

Instead of taking the order, Rong Hu showed indifference before replying, “The Regent King has ordered Rong Hu to be your personal body guard. Under no circumstances shall I leave your side.”

Feng Ming let out an enraged scream of frustration, crying out to call for another guard and Rong Hu disappeared out of sight.

When several guards entered the Prince’s chamber Feng Ming belted out his commands, “Go and tell Rong Wang, that I agree and promise that I will happily march into Fan Jia to accept my death!” 

The guards made haste and galloped away. After two hours, they returned to report to the Prince.

“Rong Wang has replied that all the provisions and required equipment for the Prince’s journey is prepared. Your Highness shall set out on your journey tomorrow. The Regent King is busy so he will be unable to personally see you off.”

The Prince was steaming with rage, his heart was on the verge of jumping out and he felt light headed. All emotions of sorrow and grief from the rejection and desertion he was given by Rong Tian now churned chaotically inside. He was at a lost, he arrived alone into this ancient world, and the only support he thought he had was nothing but a heartless unreliable bastard.  

Suddenly, he pulled his heart out from despair. He turned and nodded at the guards, bitterly telling them to pass the word, “Well, you go and tell him, I don’t need him to see me off. Once I get to Fan Jia I don’t plan on coming back to Xi Rei!”

------- --------- ------
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--- ---- --- --- Rong Hu

------- ------ -----
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